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Haymaker is an autonomous donation-based gym focused on martial arts, self-defense, and fitness. We welcome everyone, regardless of age, ability, or income. Here you will find our current weekly schedule, but we will continue to add new events and classes, so check our website for our most up-to-date calendar of events. Currently we are only open during our training sessions. We do not yet offer children’s classes, but children and teenagers are welcome. Come by and say hi! No equipment necessary, though participants should bring a water bottle.


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Bloodfruit is a cafe, library, and print-shop that aims to provide cheap coffee and snacks, a robust political library, and services. It also envisions itself as a burgeoning node within Chicago’s network of autonomous infrastructure. They’re located at 31st and Lock St. in the Bridgeport neighborhood.




230 people were mass arrested during demonstrations against Donald Trump’s Inauguration. The arrests were made by use of a “kettle” technique on the corners of 12th and L Streets, after no orders to disperse. 214 of these arrestees were charged under the Federal Riot Statute. On April 27th, multiple additional felony charges were added. One trial group was acquitted of all charges, and the Attorney’s Office dropped charges against an additional 129 defendants on January 18, 2018. There are still 59 people who are being prosecuted with multiple felonies and face up to 60 years in prison.


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True Leap Press is a radical publishing collective based in Chicago, Illinois. We support the intellectual struggle and advocate for the building of mass-based projects for antiracist, anticapitalist, and antipatriarchal political education. Our collective encourages any-and-all forms of revolt and insurrection against global anti-blackness, white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, and heteropatriarchy. We also aim to facilitate the growth of a progressive political consciousness that is deliberately anti-patriotic and against all forms of U.S. nationalism.





Ill Will Editions is a multilingual zine-making project. Its focus is on anarchy, anti-politics, proletarian insurrection, trans-feminism, afro-pessimism, anti-prison / anti-cop activity.